The following is a list of books available for loan to Vale Karate members. When you return a book, please give a rating from 1-3 to say how much you enjoyed it.

  1. Didn’t enjoy it
  2. It was ok
  3. Really loved it


Book Author Loaned by Date loaned Number who read it Average rating
Kyusho Jitsu – The Art Of Pressure Point Fighting George Dillman 1 2
Martial Arts – A Complete Illustrated History Michael Finn
Karate Do – My Way Of Life Gichin Funakoshi
The KUGB Guide To Better Karate KUGB Heleena 5/3/17 1 3
Karate Stupid Scott Langley Barry Knight 12/1/17 2 3
Karate Clever Scott Langley 1 3
A Book Of Five Rings Miyamoto Musashi
Moving Zen C.W. Nicol Heleena 5/3/17 3 3
The Martial Arts Michel Random
Hagakure – The Book Of The Samurai Yamamoto Tsunetomo
Advanced Karate Do Dennis Wilton