Kata of the Month

Every month there is a focus on a particular kata (during the brown and black belt sessions) to help the student learn and remember it, rather than chop and changing between many. Other katas will be practised during these sessions, and on some evenings there may be no kata practise at all, but when an advanced kata is practised it will usually be the same. Here is a list of those katas:

  • October: Gojushiho Sho
  • September: Wankan
  • August: Kanku Sho
  • July: Junro Shodan
  • June: Jion
  • May: Empi
  • April: Kanku Dai
  • March: Bassai Sho
  • February: Gankaku
  • January: Tekki Nidan


  • December:¬†Kasshoku Obi Kata
  • November: Kasshoku Obi Kata
  • October: Kanku Sho
  • September: Kanku Dai
  • August: Sochin
  • July: Nijushiho
  • June: Jiin
  • May: Kanku Dai
  • April: Wankan
  • March: Tekki Sandan
  • February: Hangetsu
  • January: Jion


  • December: Meikyo
  • November: Enpi
  • October: Nijushiho
  • September: Gojushiho Dai
  • July: Jitte
  • June: Tekki Nidan
  • May: Chinte
  • April: Wankan
  • March: Kanku Sho
  • February: Bassai Sho
  • January: Unsu


  • December: Hangetsu
  • November: Gojushiho Sho
  • October: Gankaku