We have 2 instructors in the club, each with over 20 years of karate experience.

Photographs by David Rutter FRPS,

Sanjay Padhiar

2nd Dan – Senior Instructor

Sanjay started training with Sensei Tony Conroy (8th Dan) at the Leicester Karate Club at the age of 11 reaching 1st kyu. Upon going to university he continued to train in Shotokan karate at Hatfield Polytechnic Karate Club under several instructors. After graduating, Sanjay tried his hand at Wu Shu Kwan Chinese Kick Boxing gaining a 6 grade blue belt. He has also trained with Sensei Roger Stephen 6 dan (ret.) SESKA at the Worthing Shotokan Karate Club… a profound experience in his karate development.

After a long absence from karate, he finally settled in Wantage and decided to take up the martial art again under Sensei Paul Edwards (4th Dan), later Sensei Dave Paine (4th Dan), at the Wantage Shotokan Karate Club. Here, he finally got his shodan with Sensei Pete Manning (7th Dan) under the TSKA!

Over the years Sanjay has trained with the following senior instructors: Master Enoeda, Senseis Pete Manning, John Euden, Paul Mitchell, Bob Rhodes, John Parnell, Bob Poynton, Frank Brennen, Steve Cattle, Terry O’Neil, Andy Sherry, Gary Roberts, and Italo Castellaro.

In December 2014, Sanjay gained a Nidan again under Sensei Pete Manning (7th Dan) and now continues to study the finer points karate-do.

Pete Rees

3rd Dan – Chief Instructor

It’s never too late to start karate. I did not start until I was 43 years old, and there is no better club than Wantage. Despite my nickname of ‘Chopper Pete’, I like all the senior dans are happy to offer help and advice and Wantage could not be a more welcoming club.

I started karate in 1994 under sensei Mark Ord of the Association of Shotokan Karate Union of Great Britain. When Mark left in 1995 I joined Martin Carter of the Shotokan Karate Union and graded up to 2nd kyu (brown belt). When Martin left in 1999 sensei Paul Edwards took over and changed to the Traditional Shotokan Karate Association. Under Paul’s guidance I went on to pass 1st kyu and 1st Dan Shodan (black belt). I have also trained under Senseis Terry O’Neil and Vince Morris, who are both 7th Dans.

2004 was a personal highlight for me as this was when I passed my 1st Dan (Shodan). In the same year I also fought for the club in Ayre, Scotland, winning Bronze and silver in Kumite. To top the year off I was awarded Karateka of the Year!

Training under Paul, Dave and Baz just does not get any better. You only have to see the number of Karateka training each session to witness what a popular activity this is.