Karate Etiquette

Etiquette is very important in all oriental martial arts, and none more so that karate. Know that of the twenty precepts of Funakoshi (the founder of modern karate), his very first is that Karate begins and ends with respect. Thus at the start and end of a class, the following instructions are issued by the class senior (Senpai):

  • Seiretsu (line up)
  • Seiza (kneel)
    On this command, first the instructor kneels, then the class, in grade order. So first the senior dan grades kneel, followed by the junior dan grades, etc., until the white belts kneel.
  • Mokuso (meditate)
  • Mokuso yame (stop meditating)
  • Otagani Rei (bow to those you train with)
  • Sensei Ni Rei (bow to the instructor)
  • Kiritsu (stand up)