Karate – a Childs Perspective

August 8, 2013 Off By Alan Fister

When I first started Karate in October 2005, I was shy and didn’t understand any of it, everyone made me feel welcome and I soon began to get the idea and learn the moves and techniques such as Age Uke. This is a block that blocks a punch to the head. A punch to the head is called a Jodan punch. Soon I was able to do my first grading to become an orange belt.(you start at a white belt.) I also learnt a block called Soto Uke which is used to block a punch to the stomach. A punch to the stomach is called a Chudan punch. I have entered competitions and have been able to come 1st 2nd and 3rd. I’ve been training for 1 and a half years and now I’m a yellow belt. With the support of the club I will continue my journey and hopefully end up a black belt.

Holly A. Ward age 10.