EFK Covid Rules

  • Members must pre-book and pay online using PayPal, see website for
  • All members must observe the 2-meter social distancing rules at all
  • Members must wait outside the dojo until invited inside.
  • You will be asked to complete a health check, this will include: –
    • Temperature check.
    • Questions if you have experienced any illness since you last trained.
  • Hall floor to be sterilised before training commences.
  • There will be clear marked out area in the dojo. 3 x 3 meters.
  • Members to occupy the centre of that square.
    • It is possible for members to move within their square as long as all members are coordinated precisely and maintain social distancing at all times.
  • On entering the Dojo members will be directed to a designated area and wait for the class to start.
  • Members should arrive changed and ready for the session and wear a
    clean and freshly washed gi & a clean pair of gym shoes during practice.
  • A record of your details inc. spectators is to be kept for track and trace.
  • The dojo must be ventilated, with doors and windows open.
  • Cleansing gel needs to be used before and after practice holding members and instructors responsible to ensure antibacterial gel is readily available.
  • Only non contact training is allowed at this time.
  • Drilling in moving lines (like marching) is only allowed if participants are in a single rank.
  • No Ki-ai.
  • Sharing of any equipment is prohibited.
  • Instructors must refrain from guiding or touching anyone.
  • Members must leave in an orderly fashion adhering to social distancing at all times and change at home.
  • No drinking or eating is allowed in the dojo or entrance area.
  • Members and Instructors must adhere to the training venues procedures.