Culham Fun Day Demonstration

August 8, 2013 Off By Alan Fister

As part of a Karate Outreach programme Wantage Shotokan Karate Club members gave a demonstration at Culham Science Centre, Abingdon during a Family Fun day on 10th September ‘06. Other events include a bird of prey display, Go-Karts, Tug of War competition and a band. Volunteers included the Ward clan (Holly, Carrie & Judas!), the Crosses (Brenda & Kim), Kay, Chris, Alison, sprouting Sean, Old Pete, Tim, Big Dave, Alan & Patrick. When including family members there were just under 50 of us that attended the day, as always, great support.

Two displays were given showing basics, various kata (individual & team), hand pads and focus shield drills, breaking breeze blocks & wood (Tameshiwara) and various kumite forms. The finale consisted of a dynamic role-play demonstration involving bow and knife defences where Brenda gave Kay, Alan, Tim & Pete a good whipping with Sensei Paul tidying up a few loose ends. A good day was capped by the club winning the tug of war competition. This was despite a certain club member hedging his bets and offering his services to his employer’s site based team as well. No wonder he could only manage an hour of training that evening!

Check out the Gallery for some pictures of the event.