Children in Karate

Karate employs techniques that build strength, endurance, flexibility, posture, balance and coordination. While the physical benefits of karate are undeniable, there are many non-physical benefits for children as well. Competitive sports are all very well, but for children who don’t excel at them, these sports can lead to diminished feelings of self-worth. Karate is an excellent confidence booster for children as it eliminates the need for them to compete or compare themselves to their peers. Instead, karate encourages children to draw on their own strengths and strive for their personal best.

Children cannot learn karate in the same way as an adult. Thus the children will be given things to do that, while helping them with their karate training, are also fun to do.

If you are a parent thinking of sending your child to the club, you are welcome to sit in on some lessons to see what happens. (In fact, you are encouraged to. Who knows: you might decide to give it a go yourself).

And finally, here is a video of a 6 year old girl performing some karate kata – an inspiration to us all!

A document describing the Child Protection policy of the clubs is available by following this link.