A Typical Lesson

Shotokan Karate is a traditional Japanese Martial Art.

All lessons begin and end with Mokuso (Silent Meditation), performed whilst sitting in Seiza (Kneeling Position).stretch-300

At the start of a lesson is a period of stretching & warming up designed to include all major areas, joints and muscle groups of the body.

But part of the beauty of the study of karate is that there is a huge variety in training – there really isn’t a typical lesson! Depending on the student needs, different aspects of karate are taught. This could involve one or several mini-lessons covering basics (performing punching, blocking, striking and kicking techniques but not against an opponent), kata (learning and performing a sequence of karate techniques), bunkai (providing a better understanding of kata), sparring (typically pre-arranged drills to help learn self defence safely) and other partner work (performing specific moves in order to understand them properly in a safe environment).img_6377-s

At all times, students are encouraged to ask questions to help their understanding. Emphasis is always placed on correct posture and technique.