6th Wantage Karate Competition

August 8, 2013 Off By Alan Fister

The 6th Wantage Shotokan Kata and Kumite Competition was held on Sunday 12th October 2008 with over 120 entries for individual and team categories for juniors, cadets and adults. The competition attracted entries from a number of like minded traditional associations that included TSKA, KUGB, JKAE and SSKA member clubs based in Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Kent and Devon.




Financial support from both local and national sponsors was critical in allowing the day to go ahead. Special thanks and gratitude are therefore extended to Morson International, provider of agency supplied engineering workers for their contribution towards the cost of the trophies and The Greyhound Inn in Letcombe Regis for their contribution towards hall hire charges.


New to this year’s kumite events was the introduction of World Karate Federation (WKF) 3 point scoring rules. This proved more beneficial for the less experienced competitors allowing more time on the mat because of the 8 point winning margin. In addition it allowed the more senior competitors to attempt more flamboyant techniques.


The morning was taken up with eliminations on three areas simultaneously. With the finals occurring in the afternoon after a welcome break. Lunch time entertainment was provided by Oxford Aikikai with an excellent and well received demonstration on the 14 concepts within the aikido syllabus. ImageImage


Excellent examples of successful technically challenging kumite techniques and outstanding Kata performances were noted throughout the day. The collective decision made by the Officials for ‘Technique/performance of the day’ was awarded to Ian Pettifer from Jimmu Karate Club for a well executed jodan ura mawashi geri just edging it from another of his 3 point scores of ashi barai – gyaku tsuki during the same bout.


Another innovation for this year event saw the introduction of ‘Karate-ka of the Day’ for the best overall competitor that had entered all available kata, kumite and team events. It is a great testament to Wantage Karate Club that all of the proposed candidates were club members. These being Callum Betts, George Fry and Alison Franklin. The trophy was awarded to Karolina Nenca 5th Kyu due to her outstanding 1st places in three categories; individual kumite, individual and team kata.


Points were awarded to each club based on the cumulative individual and team results of club members from the various categories. The totals were ranked giving the overall club winner. An impressively large Tunbridge Wells Wells TSKA team carried off the Club Championships with Wantage TSKA second and Abingdon KUGB taking joint third. Image


Category 1 – Peewee Kata

  • 1st – Callum Betts (Wantage TSKA)
  • 2nd – Ryan Westgate Rajol (Tunbridge Wells TSKA)
  • 3rd- George Fry (Wantage TSKA)



Category 2 – Junior Kata <140cm, Novice to 4th Kyu

  • 1st – Ben Cherrington (Ardley JKAE)
  • 2nd – Sarah May (Wantage TSKA)
  • Joint 3rd- Ewan Trolley (Wantage TSKA) & Matthew Duckett (Tunbridge Wells TSKA) 

    Category 3 – Junior Kata <140cm, 3rd Kyu & above

  • 1st – Lauren James (Abingdon KUGB)
  • 2nd – Indi Dalzell (Tunbridge Wells TSKA)
  • 3rd- Sati Dalzell (Tunbridge Wells TSKA) 

    Category 4 – Junior Kata >140cm, Novice to 4th Kyu

  • 1st – Edward Grant-Thorund (Tunbridge Wells TSKA)
  • 2nd – Alyssa Adloan (Tunbridge Wells TSKA)
  • 3rd- James Engleback (Tunbridge Wells TSKA) 

    Category 5 – Junior Kata >140cm, 3rd Kyu & above

  • 1st – Joe Argent (Thatcham JKAE)
  • 2nd – Harry James (Abingdon KUGB)
  • 3rd- Jenny Barnes (Wantage TSKA) 

    Category 6 – Junior Team Kata

  • 1st – Sarah May, Callum Betts & George Fry (Wantage TSKA)
  • 2nd – Sati Dalzell, Edward Grant-Thorund & Sophie White (Tunbridge Wells TSKA)
  • 3rd- Rowan Pearce, Joe Strong & James Lea (Tunbridge Wells TSKA)



Category 7 – Male Adult Kata, Novice to 4th Kyu

  • 1st – Alfredo Adloan (Tunbridge Wells TSKA)
  • 2nd – Pete Ridway (Wantage TSKA)
  • 3rd- Tom Engleback (Tunbridge Wells TSKA) 

    Category 8 – Male Adult Kata, 3rd Kyu & above

  • 1st – Ian Pettifer (Thatcham JKAE)
  • 2nd – Arnaud Gay (Abingdon KUGB)
  • 3rd- Luka Zabeo (Wantage TSKA)



Category 9 – Female Adult Kata, Novice to 3th Kyu

  • 1st – Karolina Nenca (Wantage TSKA)
  • 2nd – Zoe King (Abingdon KUGB)
  • 3rd- Anita Lockyer (Tunbridge Wells TSKA) 

    Category 10 – Female Adult Kata, 2nd Kyu & above

  • 1st – Stella Vasilliou (Abingdon KUGB)
  • 2nd – Judith James (Abingdon KUGB)
  • 3rd- Alison Franklin (Wantage TSKA) 

    Category 11 – Adult Team Kata

  • 1st – Alison Franklin, Karolina Nenca & Jenny Barnes (Wantage TSKA)
  • 2nd – Anita Lockyer, Millie & Tom Engleback (Tunbridge Wells TSKA)
  • 3rd- Alan Fisher, Michael Jones & Pete Rees (Wantage TSKA)



Category 12 – Pee Wee, Sambon Kumite

  • 1st – Zachary Pettifer (Thatcham JKAE)
  • 2nd – Callum Betts (Wantage TSKA)
  • Joint 3rd- George Fry (Wantage TSKA)
  • Joint 3rd- Ryan Westgate Rajol (Tunbridge Wells TSKA) 

    Category 13 – 120-134cm Girls Kumite

  • 1st – Indi Dalzell (Tunbridge Wells TSKA)
  • 2nd – Lauren James (Abingdon KUGB) 

    Category 14 – 120-134cm Boys Kumite 

    Category 15 – 135-149cm Girls Kumite

  • 1st – Sati Dalzell (Tonbrigde TSKA)
  • 2nd – Florrie Engleback (Tunbridge Wells TSKA)
  • 3rd- Becky Hull (Mere TSKA) 

    Category 16 – 135-149cm Boys Kumite

  • 1st – Luke Gilbert (Abingdon KUGB)
  • 2nd – Dylan Callery (Tunbridge Wells TSKA)
  • Joint 3rd- Daniel Potter (Wantage TSKA)
  • Joint 3rd- Matthew Duckett (Abingdon KUGB)



Category 17 – >150cm Boys, Novice to 4th kyu Kumite

  • 1st – Edward Grant-Thorund (Tunbridge Wells TSKA)
  • 2nd – Marat Saulebayev (Tunbridge Wells TSKA)
  • Joint 3rd- Henry Gent (Mere TSKA)
  • Joint 3rd- David Heywood (Tunbridge Wells TSKA) 

    Category 18 – >150cm Boys 3rd Kyu & above Kumite

  • 1st – Harry James (Abingdon KUGB)
  • 2nd – Gaith Khan (Bicester SSKI)
  • Joint 3rd- Christian Harris (Tunbridge Wells TSKA))
  • Joint 3rd – James Lea (Tonbrigde TSKA) 

    Category 19 – >150cm Girls all grades Kumite

  • 1st – Hannah Grunwald (Bicester SSKI)
  • 2nd – Rebecca Harris (Mere TSKA)
  • 3rd- Nicole Gent (Mere TSKA) 

    Category 20 – Male Cadets, All gardes Kumite

  • 1st – Ivan Lam (Tunbridge Wells TSKA)
  • 2nd – Rowan Pearce (Tunbridge Wells TSKA)
  • Joint 3rd- Daniel Smith (Bicester SSKI)
  • Joint 3rd- Tom Engleback (Tunbridge Wells TSKA) 

    Category 21 – Male Adult, Novice to 4th Kyu Kumite

  • 1st – Pete Ridway (Wantage TSKA)
  • 2nd – Stuart McDowall (Wantage TSKA)
  • Joint 3rd- Alfredo Adloan (Tunbridge Wells TSKA)
  • Joint 3rd- Michael Jones (Wantage TSKA) 

    Category 22 – Male Adult, 3rd Kyu & above Kumite

  • 1st – Ian Pettifer (Thatcham JKAE)
  • 2nd – Steve Reynolds (Wantage TSKA)
  • Joint 3rd- Andrew Pigott (Wantage TSKA)
  • Joint 3rd- Richard May (Wantage TSKA)



Category 23 – Female Adult, Novice to 4th Kyu Kumite

  • 1st – Karolina Nenca (Wantage TSKA)
  • 2nd – Zoe King (Abingdon KUGB) 

    Category 24 – Female Adult, 3rd Kyu & above Kumite

  • 1st – Stella Vasilliou (Abingdon KUGB)
  • 2nd – Alison Franklin (Wantage TSKA)
  • 3rd- Shannon Couch (Abingdon KUGB) 

    Technique/Performance of the day

  • Ian Pettifer (Thatcham JKAE) – Ura mawashi geri 

    Karate-ka of the Day

  • Karolina Nenca (Wantage TSKA) – 1st individual kata, 1st individual kumite & 1st team kata. 

    Club Championship

  • 1st – Tunbridge Wells TSKA 49 points
  • 2nd – Wantage TSKA 44 points
  • 3rd – Abingdon KUGB 29 points