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Dragon Hill Training, 2008.

Christmas 2008 came and went, as it has been doing for many years. Nothing new there. We find ourselves midway between that, let’s face it – joyous – occasion and the beginning of the New Year. We’ve been there before. Thus it was time for the special Dragon Hill Christmas training session – where we’ve […]

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Race Night Fundraiser

Frank and Hilary from the Greyhound Inn very generously offered to run a Race Night to raise funds for the karate club. It was a fun and very successful night well attended by Club members, family, friends and supporters from the village of Letcombe Regis. Frank did a fantastic job of hosting and presenting the […]

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Self Protection

Introduction The following article is a short introduction to a few areas of self-protection. Violent crime is on the rise and can happen anywhere at anytime. This is by no means a complete article on the subject and is, in fact, only the tip of the iceberg but hopefully it may make you think about […]

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Tony’s Gig (Feb 2008)

Our resident musical talent Tony Hetherington played in Sutton Courtenay on Saturday 23rd Feb with his band, Ridgeway Country, 2008, and some of the club members showed up to lend their support. Here are the pics …   Howdy parnder   Left to Right: Kerry, Brenda, Barbara, Kay, Big Dave, Tony, Big Steve, Jim (aka […]

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Christmas Party 2007

This year the Karate Club held the Christmas Party at the local Sports Centre. There was a football tournament where the slightly younger karate members thoroughly outshone the more senior individuals.   Before Sensei appeared on pitch After Sensei appeared on pitch   After the Seniors recovered everyone congregated in the Bar for drinks and […]

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A Technical Analysis of Mawashi Geri

Abstract The Shotokan karate syllabus contains several kicks, of which four tend to be practiced almost to the exclusion of all others: mae geri keage, yoko geri kekomi, mawashi geri and ushiro geri. My experience has been that of these four, many people believe their execution of mawashi geri is good when typically it isn’t. […]

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Karate – a Childs Perspective

When I first started Karate in October 2005, I was shy and didn’t understand any of it, everyone made me feel welcome and I soon began to get the idea and learn the moves and techniques such as Age Uke. This is a block that blocks a punch to the head. A punch to the […]

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Culham Fun Day Demonstration

As part of a Karate Outreach programme Wantage Shotokan Karate Club members gave a demonstration at Culham Science Centre, Abingdon during a Family Fun day on 10th September ‘06. Other events include a bird of prey display, Go-Karts, Tug of War competition and a band. Volunteers included the Ward clan (Holly, Carrie & Judas!), the […]

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Visualization is a means of mental rehearsal. It is useful for learning new skills and practicing existing ones. When we learn a new movement we fire a neural pathway for the movement. At first this pathway won’t be very strong and may not take the most efficient path (a little like a drunk wandering home). […]

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Tom’s Goodbye

Wantage Shotokan Karate Club has recently said good bye to one of it’s most regular and keenest students, Tom Richards. Tom started training at the club as a 15-year-old in 1993 and has trained under two previous club Sensei’s. In 1998 during a six-month break from university Tom worked in Australia and met a local […]

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