The 8th Wantage Shotokan Kata and Kumite Competition was held on Sunday 10th October 2010 with over 210 individual entries and over 25 team entries for juniors, cadets and adults in kata and kumite categories. The competition attracted entries from the like minded traditional associations as the TSKA, KUGB, JKAE and SSKA member clubs based in Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Gloucester, Kent and Devon. The event also attracted competitors for the first time from Birmingham & Halesowen Shotokan Karate Club and Oxford Shotokan Karate Association.

The significant increase in numbers for this year’s event enable veteran categories to be held for the first time in addition to junior categories have a narrower spread in heights for kumite and grades in kata respectively. Unfortunately the Club Team Kumite had to be cancelled due to time constraints.

Excellent examples of successful technically challenging kumite techniques and outstanding performances were noted throughout the day. The collective decision made by the Officials for ‘Performance of the day’ was awarded to Kirsty Barber from Margate TSKA who edged it from her opponent for a thrillingly exciting and spirited bout in the Female Adult Kumite Final. A very well deserved certificate of merit was awarded to George Fry of Wantage for excellent performance in all of his categories which included Peewee Sambon Kumite (2nd place), WKF Kumite (2nd place) and Individual Kata (2nd Round).

Points were awarded to each club based on the cumulative individual and team results of club members from the various categories. The totals were ranked giving the overall club winner. An impressively large Margate Team (TSKA) carried off the Club Championships with Cando Martial Arts (KUGB) coming second and Thatcham and Hungerford (JKAE) taking third.

Category 1 – Junior Kata, Novice to 8th Kyu, under 140cm.

1st – Robert Oakley (Birmingham & Halesown)

2nd – Harvey Allison (Margate)

3rd– Matthew Parkin (Wantage)

3rd – Harvey Findlay (Thatcham)


Category 2 – Junior Kata, 7th to 4th Kyu, under 140cm.

1st – Ben Powell (Thatcham)

2nd – Andre Haycock (Cando)

3rd – Jasper Laidlow (Cando)


Category 3 – Junior Kata <140cm, 3rd Kyu & above.

1st – Lauren James (Cando)

2nd – Jack Bevan (Cando)

3rd– George Bussey (Margate)


Category 4 – Junior Kata, Novice to 4th Kyu, above 140cm.

1st – Zac Pettifer (Thatcham)

2nd – Alex Simpson (Thatcham)

3rd– Sam Gorham (Cando)


Category 5 – Junior Kata, 3rd Kyu & above, above 140cm.

1st – Edward Thorund Grant (Tonbridge)

2nd – Joe Argent (Thatcham)

3rd– Matthew Duckett (Cando)


Category 6 – Junior Team Kata

1st – Emily, Zac & Joe (Thatcham)

2nd – Connor, Brady & George (Margate)

3rd– Alex, Jack & Jake (Thatcham)


Category 7 – Male Adult Kata, Novice to 4th Kyu

1st – Richard Grecian (Wantage)

2nd – David Simpson (Margate)

3rd– Dan Pope (Cheltenham)


Category 8 – Male Adult Kata, 3rd Kyu & above

1st – Ton Davies (Birmingham & Halesowen)

2nd – Ian Pettifer (Thatcham)

3rd– Patrick Jones (Birmingham & Halesowen)



Category 9 – Female Adult Kata, 5th Kyu & above

1st – Stella Vassiliou (Cando)

2nd – Kirsty Barber (Margate)

3rd– Jane Ryan (Cando)


Category 10 – Adult Team Kata

1st – Ian, Darren & Chris (Thatcham)

2nd – Stella, Judith & Jazz (Cando)

3rd– Steve, Rus & Alan (Margate)


Category 11 – Mixed Pee Wee, Sambon Kumite

1st – Brady Smith (Margate)

2nd – George Fry (Wantage)

Joint 3rd– Anna Llwellyn (Thatcham)

Joint 3rd– Oliver Bradshaw (Thatcham)


Category 13 – Girls, WKF Kumite.

1st – Anna Llwellyn (Thatcham)

2nd – Leigh Knight (Margate)

3rd – Hanna Ireson (Thatcham)


Category 14 – 120-134cm Boys Kumite.

1st – Jasper Laidlaw (Cando)

2nd – Ben Powell (Thatcham)

Joint 3rd– George Fry (Wantage)

Joint 3rd– Eaton Cooper (Margate)


Category 15 – 130-139cm Boys Kumite.

1st – Jack Levan (Cando)

2nd – Harvey Allison (Margate)

Joint 3rd– Connor Pearce (Margate)

Joint 3rd– Luke Gilbert (Cando)


Category 16 – 139 -149 Boys Kumite.

1st – Matt Buckett (Cando)

2nd – George Barratt (Bicester)

Joint 3rd– Jack Mitchell (Thatcham)

Joint 3rd– William Goodsell (Margate)


Category 17 – Boys Kumite >150cm.

1st – Freddie Fowles (Margate)

2nd – Shamus Ellis (Margate)

3rd – Rown Futter (Margate)

3rd – Taylor Lane (Margate)


Category 18 – Girls Kumite >150cm.

1st – Erin Lee (Margate)

2nd – Madison Clarke (Mere)

3rd– Mandi Couch (Cando)


Category 19 – Male Cadet Kumite.

1st – Adam Selmi (Tonbridge)

2nd – Matthew Russel (Birmingham & Halesown)

Joint 3rd– James Lea (Tonbridge)

Joint 3rd– James Engleback (Tonbridge)


Category 20 – Male Kumite, Novice to 4th Kyu.

1st – Barry Ferguson (Margate)

2nd – James Shelley (Margate)

3rd– Dan Pope (Cheltenham)


Category 21 – Senior Male Adult, 3rd Kyu & above Kumite

1st – Keith Redshaw (Margate)

2nd – Luke Watson (Mere)

Joint 3rd– Adrian Rayment (Margate)

Joint 3rd– Ian Pettifer (Thatcham)


Category 22 – Veteran Male Adult, 3rd Kyu & above Kumite

1st – Darren Pettifer (Thatcham)

2nd – Alan Larcome (Margate)

3rd – Steve Cambell (Margate)

3rd – Barry Tullett (Margate)


Category 23 – Female Adult, 3rd Kyu & above Kumite

1st – Kirsty Barber (Margate)

2nd – Stella Vasilliou (Cando)

3rd – Belinda Ellis (Cando)


Performance of the day

Kirsty Barber (Margate)