TSKA Residential May 2010

August 8, 2013 Off By Alan Fister

As new recruits to the residential its down to, Tim, Wende, and Harvey to write a few words. So here we go. Well it’s the 14th of May 2010 midday at Wantage sports centre and once again migrating karate students led by Sensei Paul Edwards, set off to Devon cliffs for a weekend of training. Stopping at burger king on the way yum yum, we all arrived late afternoon to pick up keys for our caravans, we were allocated to No 36 Maple, Brenda did a marvelous job of organising us Wantage rabble so that we would not be homeless for the weekend. Soon it was time to get ready to go to the beach for the first lesson, Tai chi. we warmed up by running stretching as you would do in any form of exercise. Sensei Paul Mitchell started to take us through the routines, (short form) well by this time Harvey enjoyed it but also wanted to play in the sand and as he had an early start that day and he wanted play time. While the whole group carried on with the lesson.


After about 1 ½ hours the lesson came to a close and it was time for shower and change and up to Brenda’s for food where the chef for the weekend, Richard was cooking for us all – not just supper but breakfast lunch and tea for the whole time we were there! Thank you for your hard work Richard. Grub was great. Once the food had been devoured and the drinking started and the karaoke came into play; well I never. Big Dave’s Y.M.C.A. and Jonathan’s Chantilly Lace, Wende’s and Kim’s duos and so many renditions by all of classic songs were bashed out that it made the evening unforgettable.


Soon it was bed time – early night. 2am, ha ha. After 4 hours sleep and feeling a little worse for wear, breakfast time for bacon and egg sandwiches or for the healthier option cereal, and then down to Exmouth sports centre. For 10:30 am.


Sensei Gary Roberts took us for our first lesson as we were all spilt into groups according to belt grade. This lasted for over an hour, but it was fun and exhausting. We did all the fundamental blocks punches and kicks, and then we had a break for a drink. After that we swapped over to Sensei John Eudan. I must point out that Harvey (our son) is registered blind and the way he was taught was absolutely brilliant! A big thank you to all the TSKA members. Back to the second half which we did kata for all those planning on grading so that they had a chance to learn and tweak all their moves.


It was a sunny day on Saturday so it was decided we would do our karate on the beach that day as the weather report was not so good for the next. “They were right”. We headed back to Brenda’s for lunch which we had sandwiches, then made our way to the beach, we again were put in belt grades and we must say a big thank you to Barry Tullett for the way he was with the young children and a big thank you for all he did for Harvey. Amazing, you could see on the children’s faces that they had fun.


We had Sensei Gary Roberts who showed us moves on self defence, we got into pairs and had a go. It was nice to see other groups from Wells and Margate (Kent) and other from areas. We had an enjoyable afternoon and also got very wet from running into the sea! “YES” running into the sea – it was COLD, but you did get used to it; we were asked to do kihon kata which, as you can imagine, was hard to do with waves crashing into you but we all laughed as this was fantastic.


We all went back to our caravans to get showered and then over to Brenda’s for Jonathan’s curry which was enjoyed by all yum yum . The evening led into a quiz which was won by Wantage, then we headed back to Brenda’s for more singing and guitar playing, drinking, laughing and more drinking and singing (which led us to have security to come round as the camp site was also being entertained at 2am in the morning – O dear, they were cool about it).


We all went to bed – slept like a log. Got up at 7am and showered and we all went to Brenda’s for more fantastic food to set us up for that day.


10.30. We were back at the sports hall, for karate which we had Sensei Peter Manning. He told us all about what karate means to him and why we should give all what we can. Then we did moves which you could help yourself if you had an attack by a knife which led you being in control of the situation. We also did the kata which was your belts next grading. We had a brilliant day and as you can imagine sore and tired but feeling good as you know it was worth it. Tea that night was spaghetti bolognese and cheese and biscuits followed by drinking and more drinking and by singing karaoke – fantastic fun had by all, the noise level was being managed by Sensei Paul as we didn’t want to entertain the site as they were not paying us for our super entertainment: we had another fun night and we finished at 2.30am when we stumbled back to our caravans and slept like babies.


Monday morning we had breakfast and then sorted out our caravans as we would not return to them, we then set of for the last time to Exmouth sports hall and short lessons by Senseis Paul Mitchell 4th Dan and John Euden 5th Dan, first lesson we did stances going backwards and frontward blocking and shoto. The next short lesson was kata but Wende did the kata for purple stripe heian godan which I found fun and Tim did heian nidan. We both were so proud of Harvey as he knows the kata and he has only just graded. That is what a weekend away can do for you – all he needs is to tidy it up. Well done Harvey! Also Alex showed us great potential for his kata too.


At the end we all collected our certificates and for those who were grading stayed to grade for their new belts (hope they all succeeded); we all then drove back to Wantage thank you Sensei Paul, Brenda, Dave, Jonathon, Kay, Tony, Steve, Chris, Kim Kerry, Karolina, Richard, Alex, and Harvey. We had an amazing time and yes we would do it all over again. Oss.


Tim and Wende