Grading Rules

If you wish to grade, please take a grading application form, fill it in and return to Sensei at least one week before the grading date. In order to maintain a high standard of karate within the club, all students are reminded that the following rules apply to all karate gradings.

  1. Gradings will take place “behind closed doors”. This means that only those students currently undertaking their grading are allowed into the hall whilst a grading is in progress. All parents, friends and children are requested to remain outside of the hall until it is their turn.
  2. Students must wait a minimum of three months between gradings (to shokyu) and six months between shokyu and shodan.
  3. Students must attend the following minimum number of classes between gradings (your training record card will help you understand how many classes you have left to attend)
    • To green belt: 24 sessions
    • To brown belt: 30 sessions
    • To black belt: 36 sessions
  4. All students must have an up to date licence before grading.
  5. Karateka who transfer to the club from other Shotokan Associations may retain their current grade. However, it will only be officially recognised when they take a Vale Karate grading. At this time they will be awarded an appropriate grade, which could be the same grade, a lower grade or the next grade up.
  6. The examiner may ask to see some or all of the Kihon, Kata and Kumite that forms part of the Syllabus. Candidates may be required to demonstrate material from previous gradings to ensure overall development and consistency.
  7. Allowance will be made for candidates who are unable to perform certain techniques due to physical or other restrictions.
  8. Gradings may only be taken with permission of the club instructor.

There rules really do help ensure that the standard of the club is high. If you have any doubts or questions (or suggestions) then please talk to Sensei.